Braiins SHOP logo

Braiins Shop logo

Product logo

Choosing logo version

By downloading a specific version of the logo (Screen Version vs. Print Version) straight away to get the relevant color of the logo for your use. The table shows a summary and the most common cases.

Features and use of the logo
Version for screenVersion for print
Color mode of downloaded filesRGBCMYKPantone
Recommended logo formatsPNGSVGPDFEPSPDF
Web and presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote)
Online documents (Google, Office365)
Business card, flyer or brochure
Contracts and documents for printing

Protection zone:

50 % of logo height

It is a space around the logo, where no surrounding graphic elements (logos, texts, images, page margins, etc.) must interfere so as not to disturb the brand. In most cases, the logo is in the surrounding context of other elements, from which it distances itself and differs due to the space of the protection zone.

Ochranná zónaProtection zone

Things to avoid

The visual impression of the logo must be consistent. In order to achieve this, we follow these rules, which prohibit manipulation of the logo, especially in these ways.

We do not use shadows

Do not rotate logo

Do not recolor logo

Do not deform or change its original proportions of the logo

Logo on background

The following rules determine which backgrounds are acceptable for a logo.

Background 0 % black

Background 10 % black

Background 20 % black

Background 30 % black

Background 40 % black

Background 50 % black

Background 100 % black

Background 90 % black

Background 80 % black

Background 70 % black

Background 60 % black

Background 50 % black